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The Opioid Crisis

The hidden truth about this crisis is that while some physicians do prescribe opiates excessively for physical pain, the vast majority for whom opiates are prescribed use them as little as possible because of resulting stomach nausea and constipation.

Most users of a prescribed opiate who become addicted do so because they discover incredible relief from their trauma symptoms such as panic attack anxiety, dissociative episodes, sleep disturbance, and depression. When living with a trauma that yields such co-oc­curring conditions people struggle with Jack of personal safety and Joss of meaningful connection with others.

The trauma is the demon that shames them, resulting in fee­lings of worthlessness. Heroin is popular be­cause of its low cost; while medication pres­cribed for physical injury costs $10 to $20 per pill on the black market. Many young people who are prescribed opiates for legitimate pain continue to convince physicians of their need in order to sell them.