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Columbus Recovery Charles Gerlach, Ph.D

  • Psychological Services
  • Personality Assessment
  • Trauma and Addiction Services
  • Individual and Family Therapy
At Trauma & Addiction’s Columbus Ohio treatment center, we know that people from all walks of life can recover with a treatment program that is tailored right for them. Our psychologists utilize a wide variety of therapeutic processes to personalize treatment for each individual based on his or her unique background and beliefs. Our Doctor has been helping men and women achieve long-term recovery for over 35 years and it’s our goal, that we approach our clients with up most compassion and with total dedication and privacy.

Why Choose Us?

To Engage Each Person Meaningfully

We of Trauma and Addiction Services approach therapeutic assessment and treatment with total commitment to the individual who seeks relief from a trauma, a life of trauma, an addiction, or an addiction that has developed to help the person cope with the trauma.